Avancerad kirugi


Målgrupp: Tandläkare med erfarenhet av implantologi.

LEVEL Advanced

This is a course for experienced implant users who want to expand treatment options and solve challenging cases. You will learn about

the possibilities with the NobelActive™ System both theoretically and practically through hands-on training. With its unique tip and thread
design, NobelActive™ slices through bone, unlike conventional selftapping implants, which cut the bone as they tap. With NobelActive™,
bone condensing increases progressively with each turn as the threads widen. This action together with the apical drilling blades, enables experienced clinicians to make fi ne adjustments, when necessary, to implant orientation during insertion to optimize the fi nal position of
the prosthetic connection without jeopardizing initial stability.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the NobelActive™ System from patient selection to clinical techniques
  • Understand the surgical & prosthetic protocol
  • Understand that NobelActive™ implants allow for control and change of direction during insertion
  • Understand that NobelActive™ implants can achieve very high primary stability even with limited amount of bone
  • Know that the fi nal insertion torque of the NobelActive™ implants can be controlled by reverse and forward rotation
  • Immediate placement in extraction sites
  • Thorough hands-on training


September 24 09.00–17.00 Stockholm, Sweden Christer Dahlin SEK 4500 excl VAT

Plats : Stockholm
Kontakta : www.nobelbiocare.com/education