BD Seminars/Dawson Academy: The Art and Science of Equilibration, Wirral, UK

9-11 januari

2 ½ Day Lecture and Hands On

Course Description

Equilibration is a simple but much misunderstood concept that is the cornerstone to truly minimally invasive dentistry. You will learn by lecture and hands on:

> The principles of equilibration

> How to perform a trial equilibration and why it is so important

> How to equilibrate a full coverage splint

> How to equilibrate provisional restorations to fulfil our occlusal goals

> How to equilibrate the natural dentition

> When equilibration is the best option and when it should not be used

Learning Objectives

  • Design a stable, minimal stress occlusion (lines on the front, dots on the back).
  • Recognize when to equilibrate your patient, and when other options should be considered.
  • Identify how to schedule the equilibration appointment.
  • Choose appropriate articulation paper to mark each type of occlusal interference.
  • Assess when an occlusal splint should be considered prior to reshaping, repositioning or restoring.
  • Evaluate how to efficiently equilibrate the natural dentition.
  • Select, train and work with a dental assistant to efficiently adjust an occlusal splint and/or equilibrate the dentition.
  • Verify when to use a full arch occlusal splint, and when to use an anterior deprogramming appliance.

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