Esthetic Workshop

TARGET GROUP Dentists, dental technicians, dental hygienists and assistants.

LEVEL Introductory
This is a forum for dental teams who want to provide their customers with high-end dental esthetics. The Esthetic Workshops provide
a platform for the teams to increase their knowledge within the field, both practically and theoretically. We believe that the surroundings
are important and have chosen inspiring venues for this course.

Learning outcomes
Increased knowledge in dental esthetics with a systematic approach to select the right ceramic material and to handle the ceramics in a proper way to optimize the treatment result on implants and teeth.

Course schedule

  • To build a smile, dental esthetic principles
  • To select the right ceramic material, NobelProcera™ Alumina/Zirconia
  • Risk evaluation with ceramic material, crowns, bridges, veneers
  • Treatment planning tooth supported prosthetics – esthetic aspects
  • Treatment planning implant supported prosthetics – esthetic aspects
  • How to create an esthetic risk evaluation on the patients
  • How to prepare and take impressions in order to optimize the result
  • How to select the right shade, minimize the problems
  • Communication dentist, patient and dental technician
  • Documentation with photos, easy or difficult?
  • Practical work

October 15 09:00–17:00 Stockholm, Sweden Hans Nilson & Patric Freudenthal SEK 5500 excl VAT

Plats : Stockholm
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