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17 maj 2020

Lessons learnt – future practice

Ulrika Lindmark

41t6o0This is the last topic for this Open Network learning (ONL) course. What have I learnt and how can I use the contents? Well, my earlier blogs (topics 1-4) talks for themselves, as they mirrors some parts. Above that, the course has given me different perspectives of making a good course. Making a course, can be seen as a journey for the students 8it has for me). The teacher is the train driver, coaching the students by learning activities stimulating them to be ready for each ticket control, i.e. assessments. However, making an online course demands higher or other pedagogical skills than face-to face courses. I’m very aware of and humble of that insight.

Emotions is an important part in education, and must be a part in online learning. By emotional learning activities, the students may be more motivated as this has an influence on socialization in a group but also for the cognitive presence.

I will bring this emotional feeling with me working with colleges creating online courses. Each of us have responsible to improve new pedagogical skills and be creative, there are so much out there….but as a working team we can encourage, share our experience and be humble to each other during this process.

The digital technology has developed during my time working as a teacher. It is important to learn and be curious about new tools. However, it is better to be good at some few tools than to many, which probably will be confusing, both for myself and my students.

As a result of my involvement in ONL, I will be humbler to my students about online learning, both from learning and technology perspectives. Why? The quality of learning is often more important than the quantity. If the pedagogical quality is good and the students are feeling trust and comfort, the quantity will come naturally during the course and after the three-year program as a whole, I believe.

So, what is my suggestions for development of eLearning in my own teaching? Well, first…..Just DO IT! I will try to be more creative in making learning activities that influence student motivation of learning themselves, making them curious of learning but also to reflect on their own learning process. Of course, this is natural parts within higher education, I know that. But to find tools and implement that in eLearning is another step to take, at least for me.  Here, I’m very humble, having listening to experts explaining the teaching, social and cognitive presence as important part in a community of inquire (see Topic 2-4 in my Blog).

I want to thank my wonderful PBL group 3 and our facilitators, you have made this course very valuable and inspiring. I have learned so much from you, thanks for sharing!

Take care and be aware!


P.S. Next ONL course starts 14th September 2020, do apply!

Ulrika Lindmark

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