3shape Trios – The Digital Journey II

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”3Shape – The Digital Journey II” is a 2 day course. Through the two days, you will participate in a number of great lectures and workshops:

  • Discovering Digital: Why the Time is Now! – Dr. Naren Rajan
  • Using 3D Technology to Monitor patients – Dr. Nelson Silva
  • Go Beyond in every step of your Digital Journey – Rune Fisker, 3Shape
  • Tips & Tricks for Optimal TRIOS Scanning – Morten Ryde Holm-Hansen, 3Shape
  • 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio – Amin Hüseynov, 3Shape
  • 3Shape TRIOS Smile Design. Create patient engagement with TRIOS Excitement Apps – Tarik Hadzibegovic, 3Shape
  • The Complete Implant Studio Workflow – Marcus Marcussen, 3Shape
  • Using interoral scans for the rehabilitation of complete edentulism – Dr. Lucio Lo Russo
  • New Tools in Digital Treatment Planning. From virtual to Reality – Dr. Jonathan Ng
  • Networking dinner and Party at Operaterrassen feat Eric Gadd day one 23/8.

Note: You don’t need to have a 3shape Trios Scanner in order to participate in the event.

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Dr. Naren Rajan, USA

During this lecture you will : 

  • Understand WHY digital dentistry should be adopted today
  • Become familiar with intraoral scanning and digital workflow pathways for restorative, implant and removable dentistry
  • Discover unique advantages and features of using digital techniques
  • Be introduced to current literature support for digital impressions
  • Learn how to use intraoral scanning to aid in comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.

There are many choices to make in starting with digital techniques in dentistry and it can be confusing where to begin. While many begin with asking WHAT can be done with technology, it may be more important to understand WHY we should employ them in the first place.
This program will introduce emerging concepts in digital workflow using intraoral scanning and applying them to our everyday practice as well as the defining the scope of indications and future potential. From digital best practices to evidence-based usage, discover why and how to apply digital technology to impressions, smile design, restorative, implant and removable dentistry.
Follow the different phases of a dentist’s digital journey in learning and mastering digital techniques by a full-time clinician and educator. Discover a way to reimagine and invigorate your dental practice to have better communication, better outcomes and more fun in dentistry while positively impacting your patients in the process.


Using 3D Technology to Monitor patients
Dr. Nelson Silva, Brazil

During this lecture you will learn:

  • Patient monitoring
  • Files overlay
  • Timeline creation
  • Non restorative use of IOS

Monitoring patients is essential in modern dentistry. With adequate follow-up of some clinical conditions, the clinician is able to decide the most appropriate time for an intervention, to change a treatment approach, or to suggest the best treatment, and the monitored file can be kept as archived data. Tooth wear, height and volume of gingiva, tissue volume after surgical procedures, and tooth movement in orthodontics are some clinical scenarios in which monitoring can play an important role. This presentation will demonstrate the various mechanisms of creating timelines using series of scans and discuss how that can potentially change your overall dental business.

Go Beyond in every step of your Digital Journey
Rune Fisker, 3Shape, Vice President of Product Strategy

Get inspired to Go Beyond Analog, Go beyond Scanning and Go Beyond Treatment in Your Digital Journey.

Rune Fisker will inspire and catapult you into the not so distant evolution of digital dentistry and let you ponder about the possibilities of using Trios in you everyday treatmentplanning, treatment and communication with you patients.

Tips & Tricks for Optimal TRIOS Scanning
Morten Ryde Holm-Hansen, 3Shape

During this workshop you will learn:

  • Tips & tricks for optimal TRIOS Scanning so you can get the most out of you TRIOS !
3Shape TRIOS Design Studio

Amin Hüseynov, 3Shape

During this workshop you will learn: about the digital workflow for TRIOS Design Studio.

  • How to use the TRIOS Scanner in collaboration with Design Studio to create restorations in-house.
  • How to scan, design and produce a variety of indications.
3Shape TRIOS Smile Design. Create patient engagement with TRIOS Excitement Apps
Tarik Hadzibegovic, 3Shape

During this workshop you will learn:

  • About the newest exciting Apps which you can integrate with such as smile Design and Patient Monitoring
The Complete Implant Studio Workflow
Marcus Marcussen, 3Shape

During this workshop you will learn:

  • About Implant Studio and how to use it for implant planning and designing surgical guides.
  • How to integrate Implant Studio in your clinic and follow the key workflows from start to finish.
Using interoral scans for the rehabilitation of complete edentulism
Dr. Lucio Lo Russo, Italy

During this leture you will learn to:

  • Scan edentulous jaws
  • Align scans and be ready for prosthesis design in a single procedure
  • Optimize prosthesis deign on the basis of peri-oral scans
  • Speed up implant planning by exploiting the full potential of the denture workflow

Complete edentulism is still a reality, even in developed countries. Digital workflow for the
rehabilitation of complete edentulism offers a number of advantages (e.g. reduced
treatment time, higher standardization) and is being increasingly used in dental practice.
Using intraoral scans makes possible a fully digital approach (no need for physical
impressions or models), which adds additional benefits for the patient (higher comfort),
the clinic (reduced number of visits) and the dental laboratory (reduced number of
procedures). Intraoral scans of edentulous arches are feasible and offer a reliable and
accurate tool for complete mouth rehabilitation with both removable and fixed treatment
options. Practical issues related to the scanning process, scans alignment according to
maxillo-mandibular relationships, and prosthesis design guided by peri-oral scans will be
addressed. In addition, insights regarding the application of denture workflow to speed up
implant planning and treatment in complete edentulous cases will be given.


New Tools in Digital Treatment Planning. From virtual to Reality
Dr. Jonathan Ng, Canada

During this lecture you will learn:

  • Effective strategies of treatment planning and for improved process and final outcomes
  • How to utilize available technologies to increase precision, accuracy and predictability of implant surgery and implant prosthetics
  • How to bridge the ”Communication Divide” and include the full team approach
  • New and exciting tools that benefit every dental practice and leveraging the tools easily at your fingertips to simplify everyday dentistry


Digital impressions – not just a means to obtaining an imprint, but it is an invaluable and indispensable tool that unlocks to the door to endless possibilities of all facets of dentistry including treatment planning, preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry, implant surgery, and patient engagement. Communication between clinicians, lab technicians and  patients is made more efficient and is more effective.

More accurate then the conventional method, the 3Shape Trios system is providing better final outcomes and clinical success better then ever before. Explore the new and exciting advancements that will make you treat your patients more effectively, more efficiently and with better accuracy and precision. The

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