Byt ut instrumenthantering mot värdefull patient-tid…

Exchange instrument-handling-time to valuable patient-service-time! Simple instrument logistics routines that help preventing cross-contamination, improve quality and make economic sense.

Increasing infection risks and unforeseen organizational challenges in our dental practices prompt us to go through the clinic’s current routines and look for ways to rationalize them. Instrument logistics can and should be re-organized with the aim of increasing patients and personnel safety, improving treatment quality and saving precious time for the whole dental team.

Technological development is advancing with increasingly sophisticated instruments and medical equipment, constantly improving opportunities for high quality health care.

Crucial clinical considerations must include cross-contamination potentials as well as instrument quality and function. Bacteria and biofilms as well as blood, saliva and several dental materials cause corrosion and malfunction, devastating to medical instruments and medical devices, with negative effects on treatment outcome.

Logistics – flow – of instruments and equipment entails both financial savings (good overview of available instruments) and time savings (quicker handling, cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and storage), providing satisfactory procedures in a safe environment for patients and personnel.

This webinar summarizes and explain the main aspects of logistically based practice management with the purpose to shed some light on key issues concerning instruments and articles.

  • Well-maintained instruments and high-quality items in circulation
  • Dental tray systems for daily dentistry procedures
  • Treatment-specific sterile packages
  • Set for unplanned and unforeseen emergency treatments
  • Materials and instruments in circulation vs estimated numbers of treatments
  • Stainless steel and reprocessing
  • Life Cycle Cost and purchasing
  • Safe, simple, and effective storage

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  • Onlinekurs med startdatum 20 jan 2021
    Kl. 11:00
  • Dr. Mikael Zimmerman
  • Directa