Gratis NIOM-Webinar: Döda den dentala biofilmen

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Mission impossible?

24 maj kl 12:00 och 16:00

Bacterial communities on teeth and mucous membranes are known as biofilms and cause caries and other infectious diseases in the oral cavity. As a clinician, there are different strategies and methods to implement to minimize or manage this problem in the treatment of patients. In this webinar you will learn about:
• Dental biofilms and their properties
• Fighting biofilms
• Antimicrobials and caries When? Where?
• From the comfort of your office/home
• View on your PC/Mac or mobile/tablet
• 20 min presentation
• Live Q&A after the presentation

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About the presenter Håkon Valen Senior Scientist DDS, PhD Microbial–material interactions and interactions with the host are the focus of my research. One project investigates how existing and novel materials may affect biofilm formation. Research on the use of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy as an alternative to conventional antibiotics for treatment of biofilm mediated infections is another area. I am participating in dental clinically oriented research with external collaborators in Norway and abroad.


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  • 24 maj 2018
  • Håkon Valen Senior Scientist DDS, PhD
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