InnoDentech Israel 2021

June 15-16 – The 1st and biggest virtual international conference and exhibition, for applied Innovation in the Dental industry in Israel, supporting innovative technologies for all sectors of the Oral & Dental Technology sphere, whether it is offering solutions for Dentist working in Clinics or in Hospitals, technicians working in labs, or consumer wanting better oral care products.

InnoDentech Israel 2021, June 15-16, is the first and biggest virtual international conference and exhibition

The focus of our professional panels will be dedicated to Israeli innovative technologies in Periodontics, in Implantology, in Oral Medicine, in Pediatric Dentistry, as well as innovations in Israeli Digital Dentistry.

Initiated by the Israel Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, InnoDentech 2021 is aimed at bringing together disruptive start-ups, industry leaders, experts and multinational corporations to collaborate and discuss cutting edge products and technologies.

Israeli innovative companies and start-ups are invited to join us, showcase their solutions in a virtual booth, engage in the main conference sessions, and connect directly with potential partners, customers, and investors.

Who can you expect to meet in the event? Target Audience will include:

  • Dental & Lab Distributors and Dental Depots
  • Dental Imaging Service Providers
  • Pharmacy Distributors & Chains
  • DSOs , Dental Chains, Big Labs
  • Hospital Dental Departments
  • Investors, VCs
  • Dental Companies looking for Strategic Partnership, OEM, Private Label

The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, supported by member firms, private sector bodies and the government of Israel, advances business relationships between Israeli exporters and overseas businesses and organizations. By providing a wide range of export-oriented services to Israeli companies and complementary services to the international business community, the Institute helps build successful joint ventures, strategic alliances and trade partnerships.

Discover Israel’s Oral & Dental Technologies with IEICI

  • 15 jun - 16 jun   2021
    Kl. 16:00
  • International speakers
  • Israel Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Industry