Let’s talk Oral Health – Implant dentistry and home-based oral care

The 6th episode of our webinar series will explore how home-based oral care is the key component to prevent peri-implantitis.

Peri-implantitis has been a growing predicament for years and yet, no firm consensus on its treatment has been agreed upon in the professional community. In such instance, prevention of the disease remains the mainstay and, as for periodontal conditions, resides in the patient’s daily oral care. In this webinar, Prof. Roos-Jansåker and Ms. Susan Wingrove will discourse on the basics of peri-implantitis and focus on the effective non-surgical treatments, including the patient’s role and how the professional can accompany the patient in this quest to prevent peri-implantitis or its relapse.

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  • Onlinekurs med startdatum 06 okt 2022
    Kl. 15:30
  • Ms. Susan S. Wingrove - BS, RDH, Prof. Ann-Marie Roos Jansåker - PhD, DDS
  • Sunstar Gum