Long-term Outcomes with EthOss: True Host Bone Regeneration

Resorption and total replacement by host bone is one of the key benefits of modern synthetic graft materials. The absence of any long-term residual graft particles allows the site to benefit from being able to remodel and turnover into new bone over time, adapting to the loads placed upon it by a dental implant. This tends to result in excellent long-term outcomes as graft sites will usually improve over time from both a hard and soft tissue perspective.During this webinar, Dr Peter Fairbairn and Dr Michael Ainsworth will display a variety of case studies from a long-term perspective, with final results usually being reported at 5 years or more. This is an excellent opportunity to assess the long-term viability of modern synthetic graft materials and the benefits of True Host Bone Regeneration techniques.

Cases will be shown using a variety of techniques and procedures including buccal grafts, ridge preservation, sinus augmentation and tunnel grafts. Dr Ainsworth will also show a variety of cases using his innovative PDS “tenting” technique to increase graft stability.

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  • Onlinekurs med startdatum 19 okt 2021
    Kl. 20:00
  • Dr Peter Fairbairn and Dr Michael Ainsworth
  • Implant Solution/EthOss