Minimally invasive aesthetics in everyday practice

From class II to diastema closure, this webinar will take you through the latest techniques and materials for tissue-saving, simple and predictable composite restorations.


Minimally invasive dentistry is a well established standard in contemporary dentistry. Methodologies evolve quickly and, as new materials and tools are made available, treatments become increasingly tissue-saving. So what’s the latest when it comes to safe, simple and predictable restorations? During this webinar you will learn

– How to do a class II with perfect contact point, intact adjacent tooth and zero risk for cervical overhang
– How to beautifully close a diastema using neither crowns nor veneer
– How to build up lateral incisors to match the available space and more of the latest, least invasive procedures available and using state of the art composite material to achieve in office aesthetics.

Alla kurser från

  • 25 okt 2016
  • Dr. Jure Poglajen
  • Directa (Dental Tribune)