Modern methods for updating your dental hygiene department

Following a successful event in July 2016, Tracey Lennemann RDH, BA, PhD Candidate returns with her popular webinar on how to optimise your practice’s workflow, from prophylaxis to periodontal therapy.


An efficient workflow helps increase patient commitment to treatment, and is achievable by following 4 simple steps:
1.            Motivation for acceptance: Integration of patient into the treatment process.
2.            Power scaling: Debridement and initial therapy options.
3.            What has changed: Regeneration and reattachment through modern techniques.
4.            Polishing and finishing: Effective non-abrasive stain and biofilm management.
During the webinar, Tracey Lennemann will guide you through these steps, presenting a systematic, modern overview for the prevention, treatment and management of periodontal disease.


–              in English:           November 29th  –  h19.00 CET time Register here >>
–              in German:         December 2nd    –  h15.00 CET time Register here >>

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  • 29 nov 2016
  • Tracey Lennemann RDH, BA, PhD Candidate
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