Online at 16:00 CEST

NEOSS PRESENTS LIVE GBR SYMPOSIUM: Vertical bone augmentation in the esthetic zone using non-resorbable membranes

Join some of the world’s leading experts in the field of Guided Bone Regeneration on Thursday 28th May, at 16:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) for our FREE live symposium focusing on the science behind and the clinical possibilities of the NeoGen non-resorbable PTFE membrane.


Prof. Christer Dahlin: Role of barrier membranes in GBR – the biological principle revisited.
Christer will address the most recent findings regarding the design and biological function of the next generation of barrier membranes.

Dr. David González: 3D GBR for multiple tooth bone defects in the esthetic zone
David will focus on the surgical techniques regarding hard and soft tissue management for multiple tooth defects needing 3D bone augmentation in the upper anterior maxilla.

Prof. Massimo Simion: Vertical bone regeneration of single tooth defects in the esthetic zone
Massimo will present the evolution of use of non-resorbable membranes and case-based vertical bone augmentation techniques for single tooth defects in the esthetic zone.

Panel discussion and Q&A session
Discussion on the influence of factors such as surgical protocol, hard and soft tissue management, healing time, and choice of biomaterials on the clinical outcome of GBR procedures.

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  • 28 maj 2020
  • Prof. Christer Dahlin, Dr. David González, Prof. Massimo Simion,
  • Neoss