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The Canvas technique

This 1 day course is aimed to introduce the full IPS e.max system and the different materials that are included in it, as well as all the indications for each material. There will be explained all the different techniques (Layering and Staining Technique) of fabricating all kind of restorations, emphasising in Layering Technique. There will be a detailed presentation about colour, shade matching and how to choose the correct materials, the translucency level and the appropriate fabrication technique. In this seminar the dental technicians will comprehend and learn into detail all about colour and how to do the shade matching. You will do a Hands-On layering with the “Canvas Technique” (Cut-Back Technique) on 2 centrals.

  • IPS e.max System & “The sence of color”
  • Demo and Hands-on: Transferring diagnostic wax-up to the final
  • Demo and Hands-On Cut-Back and Micro-Layering Brake
  • Demo and Hands-on Surface texture and Glaze
  • Discussion

All participants will need to bring their own brushes and grinding tools for ceramics.

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  • 26 mar 2021
  • Maria Spanopoulou
  • Ivoclar Vivadent