Visiting scientist at NIOM during 2024

Positions as visiting scientist in the field of dental and medical biomaterials research are offered at the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials, NIOM, in Oslo, Norway.

Scientists having documented education and/or research experience in the field of biomaterials are welcome to apply. The institute’s research activities are focused on biological, chemical, physical and clinical questions related to dental and medical biomaterials. PhD candidates and young scientists are especially invited to apply. Visiting scientist will have close cooperation with relevant professionals at NIOM.

More information about NIOM is available at Applicants are welcome to contact Director, Professor Per Vult von Steyern or Head of laboratory, Dr. Hilde M. Kopperud for information and discussions prior to application.

The salary is based on personal qualifications, ranging from post graduate to full professor. The visiting scientist has to pay their personal living costs. Visitors normally resident outside the Oslo area are given an additional allowance of NOK 6.000 per month.

The applicants shall prepare a research plan containing:

  • Aim of the project
  • Material and methods including instruments to be used
  • Budget for the project (salary excluded)

The application, in a Scandinavian language or English, must include the applicant’s CV, research plan and the length of the stay and addressed to NIOM by e-mail Deadline for application: June 20, 2023

Welcome with your application!

Oslo, May 2023

Professor Per Vult von Steyern