ONL201 – Connecting week

This 1st week is focusing on connecting to the international course Open Network Learning 201 (ONL201) and my PBL-group3. On the first webinar our PBL-leader and Co-leader presented themselves and the course. I met all the 8 group members representing Sweden, Finland, Asia and Australia. In total, there are 13 international groups. Fantastic!

The course is based on Problem Based Learning (PBL), which I have some earlier experiences from, but not in this digital context. Read more about PBL for universities here and here. Very interesting! This blog is also an important tool in the course. Except a way to present my self, the blog will also be used for reflection and feedback from members on the topics including in the course. Thus, each topic will be added here including my reflections. Hopefully, this can be of interest even for cyber readers also.


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