The Dawson Academy/BD Seminars: Interdisciplinary Treatment: The Future of Orthodontics

26-27 april

Presented by Dr Domingo Martin, Master in Orthodontics at the University of Valencia.

Due to the increased number of adults that are now coming into our practices it is absolutely indispensable to work hand in hand with periodontists, prosthodontists, implantologists and surgeons. In order to reach excellence in our finished cases we need the help of other specialists.

As an orthodontist I have no doubt that the future of orthodontics is working in a team environment. In my presentation I will emphasize the value of working in a team environment and above all the importance of communication among the different team members. Without excellent interaction, teamwork can lead to misunderstanding and unhappy patients. On the other hand excellent communication will reinforce patient cooperation and this will lead to successful treatment results.

Adults when compared with children present problems that an orthodontist can no longer treat with orthodontics alone. We see periodontal disease, missing teeth, bite collapse, TMJ problems and severe skeletal alterations. These examples alone amplify the need to work in an interdisciplinary environment. In my presentation I will explain our interdisciplinary protocol (15 years working with the same team) to invite all of the participants to form teams and prepare for the future. I will illustrate the presentation with many cases where adults with periodontal disease are treated with orthodontics and periodontics, severely mutilated cases are treated with orthodontics, periodontics, implants and prosthodontics and we will see cases treated with orthodontics, prosthodontics and orthognathic surgery.

Location: The Dawson Centre, Wirral. Cost: £495+VAT; Dentist+Orthodontist £695+VAT

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